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Pega Express Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Pega Express?

It’s the fastest way to learn about & get started with Pega 7. Pega Express is the Pega 7 platform exposed in a way that allows people to effectively start using & building applications with zero formal training. The capabilities help prototype simple business applications in an easy to understand & use configuration environment.

Is Pega Express available currently available to anyone?

Yes, Pega Express is available the cloud as a 30 day trial. Starting with Pega 7.1.9, Pega Express is also available on-premises as a part of the platform.

How does one sign up?

It’s as simple as clicking a button. Upon going to the Pega Express PDN page (http://pdn.pega.com/pega-express) just click the Try now button to get access. Users will receive an email directing them to their personal sandbox within minutes and they can immediately access their new environment using their existing PDN credentials.

Will this cost money?

No. The trial is free.

Once a customer or partner requests to be signed-up, how long will it take until they can actual start to use it?

They should get their email with a link to their system within minutes of signing up.

How long will the customer have access to the system?

Initial trial period is 30 days.

What countries will this be available in?

It will be available globally.

What languages will it be in?

English only for now, though we have plans to support additional languages in the future.


How many ‘applications’ can a user build?

At this time, each Pega Express trial environment comes pre-configured with a single application. We don’t support adding additional applications to a single trial environment at this time. For on-premises deployments, there is no limit.

Will the application be saved?

Their work will persist for the length of their trial.

Can they export their rule-sets?

Yes, there is an option under settings to export a package of your application that includes the rules and data instances that are a part of your app.

When a customer signs up for the trial, is it just a single-user system? If not, how many users can be on the system?

Multiple users can access each trial system (and be invited to participate as end-users), but at present time, we only support a single developer account per system. We have plans to allow multiple developers later this year.

What software / browser or other items will the customer need to utilize the system?

There are no special requirements. Pega Express will work with any modern browser and has no 3rd party plugin requirements.

Will Pega Express work on an iPad/Tablet or Phone or just a desktop?

The app you build using Express will run on any device but, at this time, the application authoring experience is only available via the desktop browser.

Does the customer need VPN access or other security?


Training & Support

What training will customers have access to?

Enablement will be accessed from within Pega Express. The experience is highly intuitive, and where necessary, the user will become enabled through the embedded product tours, videos, and instructional text. All of this content will also be available via the PDN.

What kind of customer should be signing up (just developers, business people, IT, etc.)?

Anyone interested in Pega 7 should feel comfortable signing up for a Pega Express trial, but we’re primarily targeting individuals that would consider themselves app builders. These days that individual could be working in a variety of roles in our customer organizations, but if they are comfortable checking out other software platforms or website building tools, they should be comfortable in Pega Express.

Will there be planned down-time of Express?

We’re going to do our best to minimize the need for outages, and have no plans for regular, recurring outages.

How will customers get technical support? Phone? Email only? Online Forum Only?

For the trial, support will be offered exclusively through the PDN forums. These will be actively monitored and escalated to the appropriate teams. For on-premises issues, work through your regular technical support channels.

How do customers and partners report bugs?

If you have an issue with the trial, post to the Pega Express forum. The forum moderators will open bugs with the appropriate product teams as necessary. For on-premises issues, submit issues through your regular technical support channels.

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