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Pega Marketing 8.3 Installation - Download manual DDL SQL requests

When Installing of Pega Marketing 8.3, the import PegaMarketing_Core_0803.zip step is suppose to give the choice to create either manually or automatically PEGA Marketing tables in PEGA Marketing dedicated schema (mkt_paidmedia* tables for example).

In prior versions, it was possible to download all DDL sql requests in 1 sql file. In version 8.3, you will need to click on each request and copy the SQL requests if you want to execute manually.

A workaround is to use the prpcUtils in <PEGA_Plaform_Distrib>/scripts/utils/ directory with the operation generateDDL.

You will need to configure the prprcUtils.properties file and also put in this directory a dedicated prconfig.xml. I attached the files in my case, fell free to customize according to your environment.

Then launch: ./prpcUtils generateDDL (I tested on CentoS 7)

This will generate in the folder specified in prpcUtils.properties a zip files with 2 files containing all the SQL requests needed to install Pega Marketing 8.3.

Hope this helps!

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