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Richard Marsot (RichardMarsot)
Director, Front-end Development
Pegasystems Inc.
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Posted: December 4, 2020
Last activity: December 7, 2020

Performance of Cosmos React, Cosmos Rules and UI-Kit in Pega 8.5.1

This document provides some performances analysis of running the end user portal in Pega 8.5.1 

Cosmos React has 5 times less transferred resources (Javascript and CSS) than Cosmos Rules and as such is twice faster in parsing the JS and 6 times faster rendering the UI. The home page DOM size is also 5 times smaller than Cosmos Rules.

By using less Javascript and CSS, having a smaller payload from the server, and a more lightweight DOM rendering, the Cosmos React implementation is 2 to 3 times faster on most of the use cases.

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