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Personal Edition and Proxies

I am trying to setup a POC using Pega 7.1.9 Personal Edition (we just started upgrading our dev system from 6.3, but this will take awhile). In the POC I want to show that we can connect to a service. Before I try to attach to our target internal service, I want to try to access a public service. I used the Connector and Metadata Wizard. I get the following error when trying to interpret the wsdl: 

** Could not load WSDL document content: Couldn't resolve URL http://soaptest.parasoft.com/calculator.wsdl
I can access this wsdl without problem in SOAPUI. I did need to configure SOAPUI with company proxy settings. 
I was not able to find where to make this set in Pega. I know it can be done in an activity, but how to make it available to the wizard is beyond me.
I tried adding an the JAVA_OPTS environment variable (used to startup Tomcat) with the following: 
-Dhttp.proxyHost=xxxx.xxx.com -DsocksProxyHost=xxxx.xxx.com -Dhttp.nonProxyHosts=localhost GetURL
But, this did not help. Note that we do use the default port of 80, which is why it is missing from the above variable definition.
So, how do I set the proxies to use witih PersonalEdition 7.1.9 so that I can access an external service?
Thanks to any who can provide some light on this.
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