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Problem adding specifications to assignment & its flow action

In the lesson, "Adding Business Use cases to a Process," it appears as though something isn't working correctly in the exercise system. The description fields for the assignment and the flow action appear to be mapped, and making changes to the flow action specification does not create a new specification for the action.

Here is what I did:

  1. Opened Candidate case in the Case Designer and clicked "Configure Process Detail" under the Collect Information stage to open it.
  2. Selected the "Personal Info" step.
  3. Scrolled down to the Specification region and entered the information as instructed.
  4. Scrolled up and clicked Save.
  5. Clicked "View Action Specification" under "Collect Personal Info" action in the "Actions" region.
  6. Looked for the blank field, as instructed, but instead, I saw the same information I had just entered into the Specification region of the assignment step.
  7. Sat there, confused for a second, and then replaced the information with what was instructed.
  8. Clicked OK, and then Save.
  9. Scrolled down to the Specification region to see if the original text had been retained, and it had not. It was replaced with what I entered on the flow action.
  10. Opened the Application Overview and looked for the specifications I had just created. Only one existed - that of the Personal Info assignment. The CollectPersonalInfo flow action specification is missing.


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