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new york life
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new york life
Posted: March 13, 2015
Last activity: March 13, 2015

Problem with UI updating PRPC changes


It seems there are some caching issues happening in PRPC. When I try to create properties in the explorer (right-click->create), the property will not show up until I log out and log back in; simply refreshing the browswer does not make the property appear. Also, if I add a property to a form in a stage (drag/drop the property to a section) and then create a new case - the property/control is not there until I close all the browsers, clear the cache and then restart PRPC and create a new case.

My browser is set to get new content "with every visit to the page".

Using IE9 and Chrome to test - this problem happens with both browsers. Is anyone else having similar issues? It makes going through the exercises very frustrating.


Thank you,


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