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Timothy Harfield (TimothyHarfield)
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Posted: January 21, 2021
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Project-level reuse

Gavin Morris (@morrg) has just written a very interesting blog post on how Pega Business Architects can/should be thinking about project-level reuse. In short, reuse (and the Situational Layer Cake) are not just useful concepts for developers, but should be taken seriously, and championed, by Pega Business Architects as well.


Morris lists a number of examples of how BAs can think about reuse early and often, including (but not limited to):

  • Find a business champion
  • Maintain a reuse catalogue
  • Include future benefit in other projects when measuring impact and project success

Is reuse a commonly used concept among Pega Business Architects? What other strategies are there for keeping reuse front and center, and for making sure that every project is built with the success of future projects in mind?

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