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Charlie Edwards (CharlieE)
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Tygart Technologies, Inc.
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Tygart Technologies, Inc.
Posted: November 6, 2015
Last activity: November 6, 2015

Propagating data to parent case

Suppose I have the following class structure and case structure:


  • COM-ABC-Work-ParentClass (with a page list property that all children inherit)
  • COM-ABC-Work-ParentClass-ChildClassA
  • COM-ABC-Work-ParentClass-ChildClassB
  • COM-ABC-Work-ParentClass-ChildClassC


  • Parent Case (COM-ABC-Work-ParentClass)
    • Child Case B (COM-ABC-Work-ChildClassB)
      • Child Case A (COM-ABC-Work-ChildClassA)
    • Child Case C (COM-ABC-Work-ChildClassC)
      • Child Case A (COM-ABC-Work-ChildClassA)

When I am working Child Case A the pyWorkCover could either be COM-ABC-Work-ChildClassB or COM-ABC-Work-ChildClassC.  In a data transform in the COM-ABC-Work-ChildClassA, I'm trying to remove from the pyWorkCover.PageListProperty and append each page in the pyWorkPage.PageListProperty to the pyWorkCover.PageListProperty.

I've tried the following and failed:

  • set the pyWorkCover to COM-ABC-Work-ParentClass in the Pages & Classes. the pyWorkCover was not updated.
  • set the pyWorkCover to COM-ABC-Work-ChildClassB in the Pages & Classes. the pyWorkCover was not updated.
  • determine the parent case and append to a new page ChildClassB or ChildClassC that the parent can access but this didn't work because other users can't see the page.
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