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Property - Table Type - Remote List - How to implement ?


We using PRPC v5.5, doing POC on designing rules engine. As part of this, we mey need to extensily use and deligate decision table rules. We want to restrict user to enter decision table column values input from picklist instead of users typing it in textbox. 

We know when you referance properties in decision table column's, if for that property any Table Type is defined, it display those valid values for user to select. But we have one more additional requirement where, in decision table rules, value slected in first column should drive to select dynamic values in second column (For Eg: Decision table has two columns ReasonCodeType, ReasonCode. In ReasonCode column based on value selected in  ReasonCodeType oly limited valid values should display in picklist). 

Because of this nature of dynamic values list in decision table column, i cannot use  'ReasonCodeType'  property with Table Type Local List, Prompt List, Field Value, Call key value.   Now only option left is to use Remote List.

But there is no any example on how to impliment this option, help document is just vague and reading 5 times also i cannot get what Pega team is trying to convey..  Please help .. if possible with example on how to impliment Dynamic list using Remote List.......  Thanks.


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