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Amit Sharma (typicalindian32)
Unitedhealth Group, Inc.

Unitedhealth Group, Inc.
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Unitedhealth Group, Inc.
Posted: April 18, 2016
Last activity: June 27, 2016

PR_SYS_QUEUE_SLA Table Related

I am having unique problem where pr sys queue sla table has broken , now processing items for last 4 years. my understanding is those should be deleted once object is resolved completed. i have a SR opened to get fix for this out of the box table issue, but at same time to tackle current scenario i need to get work object ids for each struck record in this table. is there ootb activity which can give me work object id for all records such that i can manually validate status of wo and then take decision to delete records from this table as temporary fix until i get permanent one from pega.

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