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Posted: August 31, 2017
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Public Link URL stale after upgrade

Our Pega application resides on the Cloud (Pega Cloud 2.1 infrastructure) after it was recently upgraded from 7.21 to 7.3. Some applications making use of the WorkLink correspondence fragment to include a hyperlink to the Case in emails, encountered this weird behavior: -

Even after the DASS (Data Admin System Setting) instance was updated with the current application URL, the link to work object embedded in outgoing Pega emails continued pointing to the older environment. This created a confusion because users were being redirected by the worklink to another system which doesn't have the same work object.

The Data Admin System Configuration object (which should have ideally got updated automatically) remained stale even after the processes responsible to populate it were rerun. This caused the primary public url (pyPublicLinkURL) to remain stale (pointing to the old environment) even after the System Setting was correct. After the stale object was removed and recreated, the latest system configuration were populated for proper system functioning.

So the two-step approach to fix this behavior includes -

  1. Updating the outdated DASS system setting, with current application url
  2. Removing the stale DASC object (transported to 7.3 during the upgrade)

DASS (Data-Admin-System-Setting)

DASC (Data-Admin-System-Configuration)

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