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Posted: June 20, 2016
Last activity: June 20, 2016

Query on LSA (7.1) Quiz - PRPC Reporting Strategy - Reports from more than one class

There is an application for which many reports created in production must pull data from more than one class. Which of the following statements best represents proper planning for this situation? (Choose One)
1. No special planning is required; application developers must create these reports.
2. No special planning is required; managers should be able to create these reports.
3. Application developers should ensure that there are association rules between these classes. (Correct Answer)
4. Application developers should create “template” reports with the corresponding class joins defined. Managers will then be able to do a “SaveAs” to build reports from them.

In the above question, how is option 4 not a better planning than option 3 as in both cases, we have to modify the Report Definition rule to pull data from a new class? Thanks in advance.

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