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Giridhar Metikal (Giridhar_Metikal)
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Posted: November 12, 2015
Last activity: November 12, 2015

Query on SSA 7.1 Quiz question on rule-resolution

Hi All. Can somebody help me understand how is below option correct answer?


Consider the following scenario:
The PIPFW application has the following application RuleSets:


  • PIPFW:01-01
  • PIPFWInt:01-01
  • LES:01-01
  • LESCatalog:01-01-01
  • LESInt:01-01

A rule with an applies-to class of “ABC-FW-LoanReq-Work-Autoloan” calls “Rule123”.  There are 9 copies of Rule123 in the system as shown below.

  • Option A: ABC-FW-LoanReq-Work, PIPFW:01-01-05, Availability = Withdrawn
  • Option B: ABC-FW-LoanReq-Work, PIPFW:01-01-03, Availability = Yes
  • Option C: ABC-FW-LoanReq-Work, LESCatalog:01-01-05, Availability = No/Draft
  • Option D: ABC-FW-LoanReq-Work, LESCatalog:01-01-03, Availability = Blocked
  • Option E: ABC-FW-LoanReq-, PIPFW:01-01-05, Availability = Withdrawn
  • Option F: ABC-FW-LoanReq-, PIPFW:01-01-03, Availability = Final
  • Option G: ABC-FW-LoanReq-, LESCatalog:01-01-05, Availability = Yes
  • Option H: ABC-FW-LoanReq-, LESCatalog:01-01-03, Availability = Yes
  • Option I: @baseclass, Pega-RULES: 07-10-99, Availability = Yes

Which rule is chosen by Rule Resolution? (Choose One)

G, no error raised
H, error raised
F, no error raised
H, no error raised
I, error raised
C, no error raised
G, error raised
F, error raised
I, no error raised
E, no error raised
D, error raised
D, no error raised
A, no error raised
E, error raised
A, error raised
B, no error raised
B, error raised
C, error raised
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