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Question on circumstance

Hi ,

I encountered a question is CSSA practice exam.Please see the below question for which i chose C(01-01-05) , but it seems it is wrong.But i have read that Circumstanced version always takes precedence even if there is a base rule in a future version.

Can some one please justify this.


An application contains the ruleset  ABC :01-01.The base version of a section named PolicyReview in the 01-01-01 version

of the ABC ruleset , with the following updated versions



RuleRuleset VersionCircumstance
A01-01-05State = MA or CT
B01-01-10State = CA or AZ
C01-01-15None, base rule flag set
D01-01-20State = NY or NJ or PA
E01-01-25State = MI or OH


If the State = MA, which rule would be run?
A.The rule in the 01-01-30 ruleset.
B.The rule in the 01-01-01 ruleset.
C.The rule in the 01-01-05 ruleset.
D.The rule in the 01-01-15 ruleset.
Sorry, this is incorrect.
The base rule flag establishes a new floor, and prevents the system from running a circumstanced version in a prior ruleset version.

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