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Read BLOB pzpvstream from database (pr_read_from_stream vs. DBMS_LOB.SUBSTR)


I need to analyze the contents of some BLOB values on production (inconsistent SLA queue items). We do not have time to prepare a new patch and to move activity with obj-open-by-handle in it. I tried to prepare scripts to check them:

This sample works on dev PRPC 7.1.7.:

select pr_read_from_stream('.pxObjClass',pzInsKey, pzPVStream) from pc_work where rownum <3

1 PegaSample-Task
2 PegaSample-Task

For PRPC 6.3. SP1 the mentioned functioned and java class which it is calling is not defined. I tried the following:

select UTL_RAW.CAST_TO_VARCHAR2(DBMS_LOB.SUBSTR(pzpvstream, 2000,1)) test from pc_work where rownum<3

1 ZlB7??Bix?͛ xUյ��� ...
2 ZlB7??C{x?͛ x�� ...

Do you know a way to decrpypt a BLOB on Pega 6.3.SP1 using PL/SQL?

We are using Oracle 11.2


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