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Posted: September 29, 2017
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Regular Issues and Fixes in a BPM/Pega Application

It's not generally conceivable to have the best in class highlights and the accepted procedures to be executed at the extremely first go (being reasonable)

Since each undertaking has Phased Releases in a state of harmony with the Agile Approach of Development lifecycle, the appraisal of the framework after Go Live at each stage, helps in getting more inputs(from the imperfections/execution and bad marks point of view) to fuse the best highlights in future discharges

In view of my involvement in some ongoing Pega Projects(across areas), just idea of spotting down couple of Issues and the Resolutions that I went over. Some of these Issues acted like works of art and jug necks in the Application.

Here is a rundown of some regular Issues (few of them can even be summed up from a Generic BPM sense)

1) Memory Leak Issue :

  • Issue Statement : Every time we have a go at coordinating with some outer or heritage framework from Pega , we have to use the "Java Code" inside an Activity Rule and furthermore making the reliance APIs accessible in the Classpath. On occasion we discover the Server getting irritated with the Developer and goes to a shutdown mode.

  • Side effects :

The Application/Web Server getting shutdown

Corrupted execution of the Application or Server

Low reaction time

  • Thinking: If the articles made with APIs in the custom Java Code, are not reused, they are never guaranteed for Garbage Collection and keeps heaping up turning into an overhead for the Server.

  • Cure : Recycle Java Code/Follow Java Coding Standards

Illustration :

try {

// Create a Session

// Get Database Connection as db

View vw = db.getView(“SomeView”);


Document doc = vw.getFirstDocument();

Document temp = null; //sets the temp for garbage collection immediately

while (doc != null)


// do something with the document here…

temp = vw.getNextDocument(doc); // get the next item

doc.recycle(); // recycle the one we’re done with

doc = temp;

} // end while


catch(Exception e){



This is the most “Common Issue”, be it with any Enterprise Application (BPM, Java, J2EE…etc)

2) Low Response Time

  • Issue Statement: The Response time of the Application is moderate.

  • Thinking : The Hard Disk is the weakest part in a framework. It can't pace up with the recurrence of updates done by 1000+ simultaneous clients getting to the framework around the world. More than getting to the Logging's the torment point. So the setting is vital.

  • Cure: Identify n organize the Logging levels than flooding the log documents with all the log data DEBUG/INFO/WARN/SEVERE.

3) Security

  • Issue Statement : Security and Data Encryption Issue in keeping up Database Passwords.

  • Thinking : If the secret word for the framework is hard-coded in the Config File or the Rule is Saved in the File System. It's hard to believe the Data Admin or the Developer. So the most ideal path is to scramble and utilize it. Great Part is Pega learning gives an Encryption and KeyRing Feature to be made utilization of calm.

  • Cure : Using JCE-Key Ring Feature, Only utilizing the Key Ring which can be changed by customers quiet.

4) DB Query Optimization and Max-Records

  • Issue Statement : Reports/DropDown/List getting the records from the DB used to back off the execution and the framework gets hanged.

  • Cure : The Queries were changed for better execution, like pagination the maximum record should be set with the goal that it doesn't surge every one of the information data bringing from the DB.

5) Purging and Archiving Data

  • Issue Statement : More Data – > Increase Memory Size – > Performance Issue - > reaction Time.

  • Cure : Timely Archival and cleansing Agent/Job Configuration to keep running at backend.

6) Commit Issue

  • Issue Statement : Performance of the framework is hampered, some odd and strange issue while running a Process Flow.

  • Thinking : Very Short and basic issue, was difficult to accept. Since the Commit Statement requests checking a crate "Compose NOW" which really powers the Data to be composed in a split second. As we are calling one more Agent Activity to Write the Content Instantly in the DB.

  • Cure : Using Commit Statement as and when it is fundamental and a command.

Now and again, it not the Product, we are working with, but rather in particular the means and the approach we take after for execution alongside the prescribed procedures. Missing which offers bad dreams to the designers!!

In the event that you have gone over a particular and fascinating Issue in any BPM venture – which just stole your day's lunch or supper while troubleshooting the Issue and cribbing on the application a, kindly do share your considerations and

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