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Remote debugging mobile application on iOS

This document demonstrates how to view and debug Javascript on iOS.


Getting the app

To build app for Pega 7.2.1 and older use the Mobile Tab of the Application rule form. For 7.2.2 use "Open Mobile Apps" (Next to "Open Application" in designer studio). For Pega 8.x use the Mobile Channel under "Channels and Interfaces".


IMPORTANT: You need application to be signed with a developer certificate in order to debug JS on the client.



Debugging Javascript

You can debug application Javascript and have access to Javascript console both with Simulator and real device using Safari Web Inspector, see: Tools - Safari for Developers - Apple Developer


  • On the iOS device go to Settings -> Safari -> Advanced
  • Switch "Web Inspector" to "On":



  • On Mac, in Safari Browser enable Develop menu in Safari's Advanced Preferences:
    • Open Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced tab, and check "Show Develop menu in menu bar"


To debug iOS device you need your application to be signed with developer certificate. See: Maintaining Your Signing Identities and Certificates

  • To build a hybrid app, when constructing an application in Designer Studio or App Studio:
  • While Building the application you are required to provide your Apple Developer Private Key "ios-developer.p12" and corresponding provisioning profile (if you are not going to use PushNotification or any other services, preferred provisioning profile is "iOSTeam Provisioning Profile: *")
    • Debugging works only with Apple Developer Certificate
    • It will not work with Apple Distribution Certificate (Enterprise)
    • Remember that with Apple Developer Certificate you can install the application only on registered devices in the Apple Developer Program
    • You can get your Apple Developer Private Key by exporting it from Xcode Account or your Mac KeyChain Access application:  iOS


  • Install your iOS application
  • Start your iOS application
  • Safari -> Develop -> i(Pad/Phone) Device / Simulator  -> [the name of your UIWebView]


  • Note there are three WebViews:
    • "bootstrap" this is HybridClient starting application (represents first screens like "Installing", "Starting")
    • next two, in this case "ssdehydwin02 - !STANDARD" represents:
      • Login Screen
      • Main PRPC Application

                The order of "ssdehydwin02 - !STANDARD" is random, it can happen that the Login Screen will be the last one, and the main application will be second


  • You can start debugging and access Javascript console:


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