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Report Definition Is Truncating The Data



Hope all are doing good.

I have a quick question about report defintion which is truncating the data.

I have a report defintion which is having 178 columns in it. And it has various columns which are having description kind of data which have bigger text in those. So all these columns are getting truncated to only 32 characters including spaces and a '+' symbol at the end.

So users are not happy to get the data truncated when they run the report.

I tried to manage the column width in the options of that particular filed by giving both px and % way but of no use.

1. What is the default width size that pega considers if we leave the column width blank?

2. If we have so many columns, how we can manage the width of the columns either px or % and will this option really works?

3. The same is happening when the report got exported into excel sheet. Can this be fixed at least at the excel import?

What are all the possibilities i have for the data not to get truncated? Please help.

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