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Posted: February 1, 2016
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Required review and need Copy upgrade process steps

Hi Team,

We have done complete upgrade in one environment from Pega6.3 to Pega 7. Now planning to do copy upgrade in another environment, to do this following the steps in 'Typical Enterprise Application upgrade process' in the upgarde guide.

Typical Enterprise Application upgrade process steps. Can you check my inline comments on each step were we stand and review the step5 and confirm the whether we can go with the approach or not.

1. Prior to upgrade, ensure that the Development system reflects Production and contains all new capabilities that need to be rolled out.
2. Upgrade the Development system using the standard in-place upgrade process.
3. Conduct unit testing in Development and remediate any issues encountered. Exploit new capabilities that will need to roll into Production.

We completed the above steps 1,2 and 3 with the below approach.

Step1 : Upgrade to pega 7.1.7 from Pega 6.3( This was happens in Feb 2015)
Step 2: Update to pega 7.1.8 from Pega 7.1.7
Step 3: Update to Pega 7.1.9 from Pega 7.1.8
Step 4: Moved the patches from 6.3 to Pega 7.1.9 (What ever created and updated from Feb 2015).
Step 5: Completed the testing and fixed issues.

4. Set up the UAT system as a copy of the Production rulebase and with some suitable subset of transaction data.

We are working for this step to complete. In Progress now.

5. When development is complete, upgrade the UAT system by replacing the rulebase with the one from Development by copying the appropriate tables and other database objects, and by replacing the PRPC base engine classes with those from Development.

As part of the this steps we would like follow the below steps. Can you please review and confirm whether we can do the same approach or any change. Specially in terms of data schema upgrade. And please advise do we need to execute step 2 and step3 below? or can we skip step2 and step 3 and can execute step4 directly to do data only upgrade by following the 7.1.9 upgrade document.

Step1: Copy the RULES_SCHEMA of upgraded environment [Say GEMS_RULES_UAT_02] to new blank schema say GEMS_RULE_UAT_03
Step2: Upgrade the DATA schema(GEMS_UAT_03) of new environment [GEMS_UAT_03] following the instruction in the Data Upgrade step of PEGA 7.1.7 Upgrade guide. Below the step from Pega7.1.7 upgrade guide.

Run the Data Upgrade
Running the Data Schema Upgrade is identical to running a standard upgrade using the
upgrade.bat/upgrade.sh scripts and editing setupDatabase.properties, except that you must specify an
extra parameter, "--dataOnly true". The Data Upgrade is currently only supported with the command line
Edit the setupDatabase.properties file as described in "Upgrading from a Single to Split-Schema
Configuration" on page 32, using your new rules schema (71ML3RULES), your data schema (PRPCDATA),
and the database containing them (PRODUCTION).
Now navigate to the scripts directory in a command shell, and execute the migrate script with the extra
parameter (e.g. "upgrade.bat --dataOnly true").

Step3: Apply 7.1.8 Update to Data Schema say GEMS_UAT_03 following the instructions in the Data Upgrade step of PEGA 7.1.8 Update guide. Below the step from Pega7.1.8.

1. Generate DDL and Apply.

l.s plit-schema: #generateddl.bat --action upgrade --dbSchema --dbDataSchema
2. Run generated scripts only in Data Schema.
Apply the 7.1.8 DDLs generated for DATA schema

Step4: Apply 7.1.9 Update to Data Schema say GEMS_UAT_03 and apply the 7.1.8 DDLs generated for DATA schema – execute the UDF statements as per update guide. Below the steps from 7.1.9 update document.

1. Generate DDL and Apply.

l. plit-schema: #generateddl.bat --action upgrade --dbSchema --dbDataSchema
2. Run generated scripts only in Data Schema.

6. Test and certify correct execution in UAT. Fix any problems in development and re-upgrade UAT periodically using the same table-copy technique. When testing is complete, Development and UAT will contain an identical rulebase.
Ans : We will continue

7. Complete the Production upgrade using the same technique of copying the rulebase via tablecopies and replacing the PRPC base engine classes.

Ans: We will continue.

Thanks In Advance.
Prameela M

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