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Posted: February 10, 2021
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Resolving Pega Robotics Package Server "the request entity is too large" error

When you use Pega Robotics Package Server installed on IIS, you may get the following error trying to deploy new automation package from Pega Robot Studio or from Visual Studio with Pega Robotics Plugin:

Error "The page was not displayed because the request entity is too large."

Studio log file contains the following text:

ERROR | 2021-02-06 00:37:15,485 |       1 | 1   | 6948  | STA   | OSS                       |                                |                                | PackageServerClient.DeployPackageToServer: The page was not displayed because the request entity is too large.
ERROR | 2021-02-06 00:37:15,487 |       1 | 1   | 6948  | STA   | OSS                       |                                |                                | Error publishing package to Pega Server
ERROR | 2021-02-06 00:37:15,495 |       1 | 1   | 6948  | STA   | Exception                 |                                |                                | The page was not displayed because the request entity is too large., Verbose Message: General Information

Diagnostic Info:
Diagnostic.MachineName: RDA-02
Diagnostic.FullName: OpenSpan, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=f5db91edc02d8c5e
Diagnostic.AppDomainName: DefaultDomain
Diagnostic.WindowsIdentity: DOMAIN\username
Diagnostic.ApplicationName: Pega Robot Studio

Exception Information

1) Exception Information
Exception Type: System.ApplicationException
Message: "The page was not displayed because the request entity is too large."
Data: IDictionary (System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal) with 0 items
TargetSite: Void PublishPackageToManagementConsole(System.String, Byte[], System.Collections.Generic.List`1[OpenSpan.Studio.Solution.DesignProject+DeploymentProfile], System.String)
HelpLink: NULL
Source: "OpenSpan.Studio"
HResult: -2146232832

StackTrace Information
   at OpenSpan.Studio.Solution.DesignProject.PublishPackageToManagementConsole(String packageName, Byte[] packageData, List`1 profiles, String packageComment)

This happens because of IIS configuration that does not allow requests larger than specific limit (30 mb for default installation).

To resolve the issue, verify size of your deployment package, check and change two configuration settings in IIS. Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Open IIS Manager
  2. Select the Package Server site
  3. Double click “Configuration Editor”
  4. Select system.webServer and then serverRuntime
  5. Check and modify the uploadReadAheadSize value in bytes (so that its value is larger than package size or use maximum value 2147483647) maxRequestEntityAllowed
  6. Click “Apply”
  7. Select the Package Server site once again
  8. Double click "Request Filtering"
  9. Click "Edit Feature Settings..."
  10. Check and modify the Maximum allowed content length (Bytes) (so that its value is also larger than package size or use maximum value 2147483647)maxAllowedContentLength
  11. Click "OK"
  12. Restart Package Server site
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