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Emiel Ooms (EmielO08)
EmielO08 Member since 2015 1 post
Posted: May 6, 2016
Last activity: May 12, 2016

Rule not found at run-time

During development the flow rule RULE-OBJ-FLOW RBG-FW-FINSVCFW-WORK-SVC-BANKGUARANTEEREQUEST RETRIEVECUSTOMERDATA could not be selected for changing thus making it impossible to make changes to it. The error message during development indicated that a checked-out version of the rule existed but it was impossible to select this version.

In an attempt to resolve this matter I removed all rules from the branched rule set and deleted it. I created a new rule set (not a branched one) and applied the changes to the new rule set. I locked the new rule set and started testing the change. This gave the following error message:


2016-05-06 15:28:41,726 [    WebContainer : 4] [$STANDARD/] [nkGuarantee:01.01.01] (      internal.mgmt.Executable) ERROR <<Host-name>>|<<Host-IP>>| Martens Emiel.Ooms - FirstUseAssemblerException
com.pega.pegarules.pub.generator.FirstUseAssemblerException: Unable to open definition for candidate: RULE-OBJ-FLOW RBG-FW-FINSVCFW-WORK-SVC-BANKGUARANTEEREQUEST RETRIEVECUSTOMERDATA #20160429T141156.522 GMT    Emiel.Ooms@:01-01-01    <no Circumstance>    <no Circumstance Date>    <no date range>    available=Yes    baserule=false    387205059    null    Action:com.pegarules.generated.EMPTY_IMPL_NAME
From: (unknown) 
    at com.pega.pegarules.generation.internal.vtable.asm.VirtualTableAssemblyHandler.assembleForAspect(VirtualTableAssemblyHandler.java:184)
    at com.pega.pegarules.generation.internal.vtable.asm.VirtualTableAssemblyHandler.lookupForAspect(VirtualTableAssemblyHandler.java:136)
    at com.pega.pegarules.generation.internal.vtable.containers.AspectOnlyRuleContainer.upgrade(AspectOnlyRuleContainer.java:79)
    at com.pega.pegarules.generation.internal.vtable.ruleres.VirtualTableCandidate.upgradeContainerFor(VirtualTableCandidate.java:286)
    at com.pega.pegarules.generation.internal.vtable.ruleres.VirtualTableCandidate.getExecutableContainerFor(VirtualTableCandidate.java:220)
    at com.pega.pegarules.generation.internal.vtable.ruleres.VirtualTableResolver.resolveToContainer(VirtualTableResolver.java:425)
    at com.pega.pegarules.generation.internal.vtable.ruleres.VirtualTableResolver.resolveRule(VirtualTableResolver.java:155)
    at com.pega.pegarules.generation.internal.vtable.VirtualTableImpl.resolveRule(VirtualTableImpl.java:242)
    at com.pega.pegarules.generation.internal.PRGenProviderImpl.get(PRGenProviderImpl.java:474)
    at com.pega.pegarules.session.internal.mgmt.Executable.doActivity(Executable.java:3358)

The run-time error suggests that at run-time an attempt is made to find the check-out version of the rule which failed.

In the development environment I looked at the instances of the flow rule but I cannot find the checked-out version.

Who knows how I can get ride of the checked-out version of the rule?


Regards,  Emiel

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