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Rule Search Needs

Here's a start of a list for rule search. This is actually needed in a v6.2 app -- some of these may be possible today without enhancements -- is anything coming in a v7 ML?

  1. We have a collection of rules for which we want to search the references for. What's the best way to queue up and output these requests? I guess what would make this easier is just splitting out the Index-Rule-Reference out of the Flash-based display into a standard ListView / ReportDef query tool.
  2. When on a ruleform, I'd like to be able to search - and jump to -- all references to a search string within the ruleform (currently I need to open the XML and scan around there)
  3. Rule indexing should not just store the reference to the rule, but its path within that rule -- so it could be easy to find the above.
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