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Jon Garfunkel (JonnyGar)
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BNY Mellon
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Posted: February 12, 2015
Last activity: March 10, 2015

Scanning HTML text for deprecated Javascript

In many cases, users will upgrade their browsers faster than Pega servers will be upgraded.

We need a way to scan for deprecated Javascript, in v6+ systems. 

We could use the Security Analyzer, but that tool is a bit of an odd duck -- it wasn't engineered to run as part of the Warnings framework, so users can't see warnings when they work on a ruleform. That's what we need here. (And we could also use it for the Security Analyzer as well -- since that's just a Javascript pa).

Part of the value-add, as I'm aware, of the Security Analyzer, is that it takes a list of regex strings, and compiles them in into it a Pattern Matcher, so it could run against all rules. But, independently, it'd be simply helpful to have that sort of feature as a reusable rule, for general use? That would assist the above exercise (but that wouldn't be retrofitted to v6).

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