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Senior System Architect (7.1) self study ->Application Design-> Circumstancing

In CIrcumstance Quiz, question no 4 is:


The “CalculateRisk” rule is called from the ABC-LoanRequestFW-Loan-Autoloan context with a “CreationDate” value of June 6, 2010. Of the rules listed below, which would be chosen by rule resolution? (Choose One)
Not circumstanced, Class = “ABC-LoanRequestFW-Loan”
Not circumstanced, Class = “ABC-LoanRequestFW-Loan-Autoloan”
Start Date: May 1, 2010, End Date: August 31, 2010, Class = “ABC-LoanRequestFW-Loan-Autoloan”
.CreationDate as-of September 3, 2010, Class = “ABC-LoanRequestFW-Loan”
.CreationDate as-of February 4, 2010, Class = “ABC-LoanRequestFW-Loan”
It says the second one(Not circumstanced, Class = “ABC-LoanRequestFW-Loan-Autoloan”) is corect. But my query is by the law of As-Of-Circumstance, the last option should be correct. Please explain.
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