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Raju G (Raju5111)
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Posted: May 11, 2015
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Service Level Agreement Intervals


I am facing an issue with OOTB pzResetAssignmentSLA activity when I transfer (drag and drop to worklist) an assignment from OOTB functionality given to case manager portal, seems parameters referenced are incorrect for the below scenario.

I have one assignment lets say ApproveRequest..which is routed to workbasket (HRTeamWB) and SLA referenced on this assignment has goal and deadlines configured by properties like WBGoalTime(currentday+1day), WBDeadlineTime(currentday+2days).When manager transfers this assignment from his case manager portal by OOTB drag and drop assignment facility from work basket to operator worklist using control pyWorkUrgencyDraggable.


After draging the work basket assignment to operator work list, Ideally SLA has to be created for new assignment Assign-Worklist with the same WBGoalTime,WBDeadlineTime configuration. The activities are coded for the same but while resetting the SLA times the work page reference passing to DefineSLATimes activity is not correct I believe.


Activity being called from control is pxTransferAssignment where there is another call to (step6) pzResetAssignmentSLA with param.WorkPage reference "TransferWorkPage". This page will be used by DefineSLATimes activity which is getting called from pzResetAssignmentSLA. But while passing parameters to DefineSLATimes activity the page reference should be param.WorkPage instead its been referenced like WorkPage which doesn't exists. So DefineSLATimes activity is trying to refer values of WBGoalTime and WBDeadlineTime from WorkPage and updating the newAssignPage with null values. If I change the reference to param.WorkPage in private checkout, its working accurate. As all these activities are final there is no way to customize.

I am using pega 7.1.7 version.



Raju. G


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