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Service/API call for rule cache sanity check

We've run into too many problems where it's unclear that a migrated rule has "taken" -- that is, it will be available to the users who expect it.

This has happened in v6.2 through v7.1.5. (perhaps this has been addressed in later ML's?)

The common suggestion to delete the Extract Marker is not scalable. We really want have a more surgical understanding of this.

It seems to me we should have this as rest/service/API to be callable, both externally and within the ruleform.

For a given AccessGroup / pxObjClass / pxInsName (rule name) / pyClassName (if applies), report on the following:

  • What rule is returned by rule resolution?
  • What rule is in the rule cache or assembly cache?
  • What generated rule is in the database generatedclasses table?
  • What is in the ClassLoader?

Some of these are in SMA, but SMA has them in different areas, and there's not a single-click Restable call to provide this.

[I think I've posted this elsehwere, maybe on PDN Forums, I'll look for that]

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