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Posted: 4 years ago
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Slowness in system across all Use Cases

We have our application in Production for almost one year now. As a part of every major release we undergo load tests on the system to ensure all the response times for all use cases are in sync with the baseline numbers.

Of late, we have been noticing a delay or slowness across all the Use cases of our application with most of the changes in excess to 300-350 %. We have tried replicating the LIVE environment data into the Dev environment that was used for the Load test by doing a Full DB refresh. We have also synced up the JVM parameters and the DB init parameters into the system from LIVE but still we continue to observe the Performance deterioration.  We have also added a couple of indexes to our Work table but still no luck.

From the JVM and /or DB perspective can anyone suggest the steps we should take to match the previous numbers? Can there be any specific cause which can result in such perf issues? Or do we need to look into the entire codebase usecase by usecase?

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