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Posted: April 1, 2015
Last activity: February 19, 2016

SMA Cannot Add Node

Greetings -

I am trying to start the system management application (SMA) on a new install of PRPC 7.1.7.  Everything works successfully until I navigate to the SMA (either directly at /prsysmtmg_jboss or from DesignerStudio->System->Operations->System Management Application).  The initial page loads fine, but when I click the small + to add a node, nothing happens.  I can inspect the HTML and find the link that should be opening up when I try to add a node, copy and paste that link into my address bar and the page loads.  I then can add a node successfully.  However when I click on the node I just added, again, nothing happens.

The browser seems it cannot properly render the html for the SMA and/or the javascript for the onlick action is not working.  Tried both Firefox and Chrome.  No access to Internet Explorer yet...


The SMA is running on RHEL 6.6 x86_64., JBoss EAP v6.3, Oracle 12c.

Client is a RHEL 6.5 workstation running firefox x86_64 v24.8.0 and chrome x86_64 v26.0.1410.63.  (Also tried Konquerer but didn't work).

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