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Brendan Horan (BrendanHoran_GCS)
Technical Director, Global Client Support
Pegasystems Inc.
BrendanHoran_GCS Member since 2011 79 posts
Posted: April 15, 2015
Last activity: April 15, 2015

Small UI Tweaks

I got rid of the community welcome text that was taking up space on the left. We put it there at the start to give context to what this space is for. This pilot has grown to the point I believe it speaks for itself. So I'm freeing up the space.

Also, I'll see if I can talk to the Mesh administrators about whether certain names can be filtered out of the Top Participants list. As I am actively moderating, posting the weekly update blogs, etc., the result is continually showing up near the top of the list in place of other deserving members (though kudos to Jon Garfunkel for giving me a run for my money ). So now there's more space over on the left, I've expanded the panel to list more participants.

If you have other suggestions for UI tweaks share them in the comments below. Be aware that we are only using the out-of-the-box Jive/Mesh widgets currently available to us, so there are limitations to what we can do. But, as always, your feedback is more than welcome.



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