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Siddhant Suryakant Jivane (SiddhantJivane)
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Posted: January 25, 2019
Last activity: May 5, 2020

Solution:Login screen is not coming, after deployment of RAP which contains customized Login screen

Problem statement:
We once customized the login screen and then deployed this to next environment, but then,for all operators, when they try to login error used to come on login screen saying 'contact your administrator'.

This is because we have created our customized accessgroup named 'Unauthenticated' and used it innrequestor type record.

And when this is deployed to next environment, then either Access group{'unauthenticated')is not moved or requestor record is not moved or some issue, Pega was not able to find the requestor with correct Access group.

To solved this, we have more than one solution for it.

Solution #1:
1. Go to your 'prconfig' file and update the system name from 'Pega' to 'prpcpe'.

<env name="identification/systemname" value="prpcpe">

This is because Pega supports Multiple requestors like 'PEGA' , 'PRPCPE', 'PRPC', Bydefault it will be pointed to 'PEGA' and this is the requestor which we have pointed to our 'Unauthenticated' access group, so we just need to change the pointer of Requestor from "PEGA" to "PRPCPE".

Check image for more info:[DifferentRequestors.png]

Solution #2:
2. Delete the requestor record from pr_data_admin_table:
delete from data.pr_data_admin where pzinskey='DATA-ADMIN-REQUESTOR PEGA!BROWSER'

When you restart the system then pega by default will create fresh instance of 'Pega!BROWSER' record again.

This way you will be able to see the original login screen.

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