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The AA
Posted: April 19, 2016
Last activity: April 19, 2016

Some of the course material feels dated

I have put together some comments from the first couple of tutorials...

1. Shows examples of CSS styles applied directly to the tags without a parent class selector. This is bad practice as all tags without parent selectors should be reset using a reset CSS and should not be styled without a class selector. I suggest participants should reading up on object oriented CSS by Nicole Sullivan (Yahoo) that would prove useful for large scale enterprise websites.

2. "The New York Times" is an awfully dated example. Use European websites such as www.theguardian.com, cnn.com or www.bbc.co.uk

3. New York Times > To quote: "Overall, the interface is presented with a top-down, center-periphery pattern that facilitates news-reading." where is the evidence for this? This is not research I have ever seen published or likely ever will.

4. New York Times > To quote: "Note also in the secondary column on the left, typography variations of the news titles indicate the importance ranking of these headline stories." No other website has secondary column content with a title larger than the center lead articles. You would be hard pushed to find this pattern in printed newspapers. The presence of the large image on the center indicates importance on center column and the presence of an smaller image represents importance on secondary columns (see BBC, The Guardian, CNN).

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