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Daniel Kha (DanielK4)
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Posted: August 27, 2019
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SQL Server 2016 - Pega 7.4 install - connection reset, prelogin error


Writing up the installation error I came across while installing Pega Platform 7.4 and its resolution which may not be obvious for those not as familiar with SQL Server 2016 (and 2017).

Error occurs during running of the "Pega install wizard" which may be "connection reset", "connection abort" or "prelogin error".

Example error below:

[java] 2019-08-27 00:42:04,160 (com.pega.pegarules.internal.bootstr) WARNING - Failed to check the codeset presence:
[java] com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Software caused connection abort: recv failed ClientConnectionId:8447b57d-9ddd-4428-85cc-1e96d380ca00

To resolve, be sure to explicitly set the TCP/IP port of SQL Server (see below for instructions in SQL Server Configuration Manager). It appears having the dynamic port that comes as default SQL Server installation would cause the connection errors even though the tables and UDF's were generated successfully at the beginning of the installation but would fail towards the end when the system data gets loaded.

How to set the port using SQL Server Configuration Manager:

- open said app in your Windows machine (search for SQL Server Configuration Manager)

- expand "SQL Server Network Configuration"

- Click on "Protocols for <your Pega database>"

- On the right panel, under "Protocol Name" for "TCP/IP" entry, right-click then select "Properties."

- On the "Protocol" tab, set "Enabled" to "Yes"

- On the "IP Addresses" tab, scroll to the bottom, under the section "IPALL" set the "TCP Port" entry to an available port number for your machine (e.g. 6100).

- Restart the SQL Server process in the system's "Services" to have the port take effect

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