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Ryan Feeney (feenr)
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Posted: November 11, 2019
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Stuck merge requests

All merge requests are stuck in pending state

Make sure that the SLA agent is running on your system. The SLA agent is used to pick up and process pending merge requests

A single merge request is stuck in progress is blocking other merges

You can manually resolve this work object associated with the branch merge for that pipeline. The fix is basically to find the Pipeline-CI workobject associated with the application pipeline in question, and manually resolve reject it. For example, lets say there is a stuck merge request for

For the pipeline involved, let’s say in my case here, UPlusCSDev

In Designer Studio (for the Deployment Manager application), you need to find for this example, “Pega-Pipeline-CI-UPlus_CSUPlusCSDev” and open up the instance list

From there open up the work object and manually resolve them. To do that change the stage to “Merge failed"

If resolving doesn’t work, perhaps try deleting that case instance

This is a frequently asked question about Deployment Manager. Find more answers here.

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