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Posted: May 19, 2016
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Trace parameter value at runtime


I have the next situation:

I have flow action A, section B, section C and section E. Section B receives parameter ReadOnly of type boolean, section C receives parameter ReadOnly type text and section E receives parameter ReadOnly of type text. Want I want to achieve is to reuse the same section for 2 different purposes: first, I want to let the user fill in value in a repeating grid and showing him the text "please insert your work experience..", and second to use them for review and show another text "please review and accept or reject.." and show all the info(inserted by the first user) ReadOnly.


So Flow action A references section B and passes the parameter to value false;

Section B has: 1. a dynamic layout only with title and visibility condition set to expression param.ReadOnly=false ; 2. reference to section C to whom passes as parameter the "param.ReadOnly" parameter that section B received from flow action A. But section C has a tab group with 3 tabs, and the first tab references the section E which also wants a parameter so I also passed the parameter to E = "param.ReadOnly" that section B received.

Section C has: 1. a tab group with 3 tabs and the first is the one referencing section E. Here, for the second and third tab I configured the ReadOnly option with the expression "param.ReadOnly=true". And in the settings of the first tab I passed the parameter param.ReadOnly (received from section B) to the referenced section E and I configured the ReadOnly option with expression "param.ReadOnly=true".

Section E has:  1. a repeating grid and header(referencing the section pzPegaDefaultGridIcons with add and delete buttons) and footer. Here, I set the visibility of the footer and header with the expression "param.ReadOnly=false".


With this configuration, at runtime I have the next problems:

1. I'm entering the flow action A which renders section B and the dynamic layout in section B is visible. If I start the LiveUI Tool and click on the dynamic layout and just see the settings without modifying anything and then I stop the LiveUI tool, the dynamic layout disappears.

Note: I checked the "run visibility condition on client side" in the dynamic layout settings and the  problem was solved, but I don't understand why. My  first thought was that the section refreshed and the parameter's value changed or something like that.


2. I'm entering the flow action A which renders section B. By default the repeating grid will show one empty row to be field in and the buttons Add and Delete in the header of the repeating grid are visible. If I add one new row, it behaves normally. If I delete all the rows then the header with both buttons Add and Delete disappear. (Note: when there is no row inserted in the repeating grid, the grid is read only as it should be).  My point here is that even if there are no rows in the repeating grid, both Add and Delete buttons should still be visible as their visibility condition is based on the expression param.ReadOnly=false  (which is true in this situation). (Note: the dynamic layout is still visibile in this case if I don't use the LiveUI tool).

I have very few experience in Pega(5 days), so I really don't know how to solve this. Is it possible that both the dynamic layout and repeating grid are refreshed in this situation and the parameter's value they received is changed somehow? If so, how can I see at runtime the value of the parameter?

Thank you!

NOTE: I found out where I can see the parameter and it seems its value is still false, so the problem doesn't occur because of that.

Track the parameter value in clipboard page pyTempDisplayParamPage!



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