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Troubleshoot with Client for Windows


In order to enable the "debug" options in Client for Windows, the "prpc.container.debuggable" customisation property must be set to "true".

When Client for Windows is built with this option enabled, an additional "Debug" menu item is displayed on the top left of the application's window.

When clicking on the "Debug" menu item, the list of available processes will unfold. The number of processes may vary, but usually it is made up of a main "Bootstrap" process and one or two additional "WebView" processes.

Select "Bootstrap" > "Toggle Developer Tools", if you are interested on debugging Client for Windows internal routines such as Client Store's Data Synchronisation.

Most of the time, you'll be interested on debugging the UI. For this select "WebView" > "Toggle Developer Tools". Please note there may be more than one WebView instance, so make sure you select the one you are interested in.

To learn how to use Chrome's DevTools, please refer to Chrome's documentation 

Retrieving and reading logs 

At this moment Client for Windows does not have a built in functionality to retrieve logs remotely.

However reading the logs file on Windows is quite straight forward since, unlike Android and iOS, application's data is not sandboxed.

To read the logs simply open a File Explorer and navigate to "AppData\Roaming\Pega\logs" under the User's folder (usually under C:\Users\UserId).

Please note the application name in the "Roaming" folder may be different if Client for Windows has been customised to have a different one.


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