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Ryan Feeney (feenr)
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Posted: November 1, 2019
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Troubleshooting connection issues between Orchestrator and Candidate system, or vice versa

Often times the issue is due to incorrect configuration of the authentication profiles. Try the following suggested steps to address this issues

  • Leverage the troubleshooting tips in the diagnostics. There is a lot of useful steps provided and it can guide you as to what the root problem could be.
  • Ensure that the DMAppAdmin, DMReleaseAdmin or any other operators specified in the authentication profiles for the environments are enabled.
  • Confirm that the passwords and ids of DMReleaseadmin and DMAppadmin authentication profile match the respective operators on the candidate and Orchestrator systems. Often times there are typos in the passwords specified on any of those environments.
  • Check whether there is a VPN or firewall that restricts access to the target environment and ensure that the orchestrator environment IP ranges are whitelisted or accessible through the load balancer. Check this in both directions, from the target environment to the orchestrator and vice versa.

Diagnostics fails sporadically with a 500 server error

Message included with the exception is ‘Timed out borrowing service requestor from requestor pool for service package: cicd, timeout set to 10000’.This happens when there is high number of DM users or when requestor pool is not cleared and can be resolved by increasing Pooling settings in cicd service package as per below screenshot.

Increase requestor threshholds on the service package ruleform.


Diagnostics fails sporadically with a 401 server error

Some users have reported needing to check pre-emptive authentication in DMAppAdmin. This is dependent upon Authentication configuration on the candidate environments and is not a restriction imposed by Deployment Manager.


This is a frequently asked question about Deployment Manager. Find more answers here.

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