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Ryan Feeney (feenr)
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Posted: November 11, 2019
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Troubleshooting trigging the CI process using branch publish

Triggering branches by publishing them to the System of Record from the branch explorer was the only way to do remote development up until Deployment Manager version 4.4. In 4.4 and later the Merge Wizard should be used instead.

  1. When using branch publish how can I tell which pipeline was triggered?
    • Ans: If you are using PegaDevOpsFoundation (PDF) version 4.3 or earlier there is no way to determine which pipeline was triggered without logging into the Deployment Manager system.
    • In PDF 4.4 you can use the Merge Wizard experience which allows you to choose a branch.
  2. When using branch publish, I get a success message but a pipeline is not triggered
    1. Ans: Make sure that the operator which is being used to perform the publish has PegaDevOpsFoundation as one of its built on applications.
    2. Make sure that RMURL is populated on the system being published too.
  3. When using branch publish, I get an error saying that a pipeline could not be found.
    • Ans: Make sure that the operator which is being used to perform the publish has the target Application included in its Application stack.
  4. When publishing a branch, I get an error saying that there are multiple pipelines for the target application.
    • Ans: Multiple pipelines for a single application aren’t supported for branch publish. You’ll have to merge branches on the System of Record or ensure that there is only one pipeline per application version.
  5. How can I resolve conflicts if I'm using branch publish?
    1. Ans: You should configure your remote development environments to use Rebase so it's quick and easy to pull the latest changes from the System of Record.
    2. Once you have the latest application rules conflicts can be marked as resolved from the Merge Wizard.

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