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Unable to access a tree-grid referenced in a section embedded in another grid



Following is how things are in my application:


1. Data-Portal.Section A has a repeating grid sourcing data from pagelist Page1.Pagelist() of class ABC-XYZ-Work

2. I wanted to show a tree grid in one of the columns of the repeating grid mentioned above. Since we cannot do that directly, I created the tree grid in a seperate section B and referenced the section B in the repeating grid above. Details are:

Section B is created in class ABC-XYZ-Work and contains a tree grid which sources data from Page2.pxResults()


The issue is that in section A, I can see that the section B has been embedded and I can see the static column names mentioned in the tree grid. It however shows 'No Cases'


On the portal, the entire cell where the tree grid is embedded shows as blank. With UI Inspector I can see that the section is referenced but no data can be seen.

I am using 7.1.7.


Looking forward to some help!


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