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Kim Osbourne (osbok)
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Posted: April 29, 2015
Last activity: December 22, 2015

Unable to complete 'Documenting an Application' exercise


I've gone through the course on the cloud and got stuck on the last exercise.

In Designer Studio --> Application --> Tools --> Document - the 'Document' menu option is missing.

I discussed this with Andrew Fontenelle and he advised that it's a known issue for the Cloud implimentation.

He advised me to download the PVS Image and provided me with a RAP to import in which all but the last exercise was completed.

I have tried to produce the document using this PVS set up, however I'm now getting the following Silverlight error message:

'SilverLight Installation Required

PRPC Silverlight prerequisites are not installed. An automatic installation attempt is now being started.
If the automatic installation fails, you must manually download and install SilverLight.cab to use this feature.
Click the link below, extract the files, and run setup.exe from it.
You will need to restart all instances of your web browser after this is completed.'


I've followed the instruction and installed silverlight (several times - including uninstalling + re-installing it) however to no avail... even though I've restarted all my browsers each time, I'm still getting the 'SilverLight Installation Required' error.

Note: I am using IE 9 32 Bit...



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