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Unable to set clipboard property value from javascript variable

First of all, I'm working on PRPC 6.3 SP1 and my target browser is Firefox.

I've got the following problem : I'm unable to set clipboard property value from javascript variable.

I've read many topics here, so I tried the following methods : pega.util.Connect.asyncRequest and httpRequestAsynch. So I tried to call an activity with parameters, using the SafeURL class and put("activityparam", JSvar). But those 2 methods don't work.

To use the SafeURL class, I had to import "safeURL.js" in my code. I tried to import "httprequestscript.js" for the httpRequestAsynch method but it still doesn't work (I read that this method is only working on IE, maybe it can explain why). I haven't found the JS for the pega.util.Connect.asyncRequest method.

My code seems to fail when I call those functions because when I put some alert() after, no alert is shown.

I tried the following :

var oSafeURL = new SafeURL("ISTYA-FW-CRM-Work.AkioIEMJSValuesToProperties");

oSafeURL.put("code", akiocode);

// akiocode is a javascript variable and code is a param in the activity AkioIEMJSValuesToProperties

//solution 1 (I also tried with a callback function as third parameter)


//solution 2

var strReturn = httpRequestAsynch(oSafeURL.toURL(), null, 50, 100);

Can someone explain me why it's not working ? Did I miss some imports ?
Is there any other solution ?

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