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Unit 8 of 10: Automating Business Processes Intro to Declarative Processing Exercise question

I am doing the exercise for the !st lesson in unit 8 of 10. I have two questions from this exercise:


1.) In part 2, I see that position should have a "label" property. I do not have this as a property of my Position object. Did I miss something?


2.) After part 2 is finished, we are supposed to check our results by starting a case. When I go through my case, I get stopped after the Decision stage and can't proceed any further (to the offer stage or the wrap up stage). Why is this the case? Is it because the SSN of 111-11-1111 makes it not the candidate that the system wants, therefore the process is over? Or did I miss something? I went back through a few past lessons and can't seem to find why I can't get to the next two stages.


Here is what I see:
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