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jayachandra kundu (jayachandrak)
Westpac Banking Corporation

Westpac Banking Corporation
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Westpac Banking Corporation
Posted: June 13, 2018
Last activity: June 14, 2018

Unused controls/elements, Even flow missing in automation

I have below points to may include in Pega Robotics Studio to ease developers work. I thought these are useful for code maintenance and if any application version upgrades.

1. Listing unused controls in the automation on adapter level. In current product, right click on controls/elements ->click navigateto and based on result, will know is in user or not.

Suggestion: Right click on adapter and option like 'Unused Controls' and it will display all unused controls/elements in the solution and also delete those from here. (Controls to be displayed which don't have child controls/elements)

Advantage: If existing controls are not matched/replaced and created new controls for existing controls. So, it will help to delete all unused controls on adapter level after testing. It will save developers time.

2. Event flow missing elements: in automation if any event flow link is missed between the controls/elements. In current product, there is no option.

Suggestion: Right click on the automation and option like 'Event Flow Missing' to list the controls which are not connected to event flow link or while debug display these as errors.

Advantage: Identify flow missing before build i.e instead of runtime/debug and it will save developers time.

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