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Update approaches from Pega 7.1.4 to Pega 7.2

When we are updating from Pega 7 to Pega 7, I understand the below concepts are applicable:

  • In-Place vs. Out-of-Place
  • Split-Schema (not sure if Single-Schema is possible in Pega 7)
  • Enterprise Application Upgrade Approach

However, consider the below environment update:

(Pega 7.1.4 + CPM 7.1.2 + CPMFS 7.1.2) to (Pega 7.2 + CPM 7.1.4 + CPMFS 7.1.4)

There are quite a lot of features introduced / changed from Pega 7.1.4 to Pega 7.2 (Pega 7.1.7 seem to have introduced lot of changes).

Similarly quite a lot of features introduced / changed from CPM 7.1.2 to CPM 7.1.4 (CPM 7.1.3 seems to have introduced new CPM Harnesses, Portals, Interaction flows etc).

Note: Please see the Changes Reference section at the end of this comment, for a high-level list of changes that we might need to consider while updating our environment:

Can you please answer the below question with respect to the above update?

Q1. Are the below concepts applicable for Pega 7 to Pega 7 update? My understanding is that the below concepts are mainly related to Pega 6 to Pega 7 upgrade only.

  • Tolerance – Applications and Frameworks work on the Pega7 platform, without taking advantage of any new features or operational architecture
  • Compliance – Applications and Frameworks work with the Pega7 Standards Mode Responsive UI and enhanced Pega7 operational features
  • Enhancement – Applications and Frameworks work on the new Pega7 architecture and exploit new Pega7 business and operational functionality

Q2. Can we still keep the CPM 7.1.2 harness, portal, interaction flows (CAInteraction etc), instead of porting customizations to new rules (CPMInteraction)?

Q3. If we are using IAC, BIX, can we still do update, but just get the prgateway war file Pega-BIX ruleset jar from upgrade distribution and install, rather than running upgrade as suggested in the update guide?

Changes Reference:


Changes from CPM 7.1.3:

CPM Portals – auto-generated from CPM 7.1.3

CPM Interaction flows – CPMInteraction, CPMInteractionDriver now replace CAInteraction, CAInteractionDriver flows heavily customised in Capita.

CPM Harnesses – all harnesses updated with Pega 7 OOTB features

CACopyParentData – This rule is no longer used to ‘Copy Data from Interaction to Service Items’. Instead use CPMSetDefaults, NewDefaults.

Composite (CUstomer 360) – new CPMCompositeContainer harness introduced

Wrap Up flow – CPMWrarup replaces CAWrapup

Changes from Pega 7.1.7:

Data Tables – now deprecated, leave as-is or replace with new ‘Local Data Sources’. Featuers to check – delegated, Edit in excel, export,

Starting in Pega 7.1.7, the underlying platform for full-text search transitioned from Lucene to Elasticsearch. Rebuild Indices.

Redeploy the applications (prweb.war etc) if you are updating from Pega versions earlier than 7.1.7.


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