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"User" Enhancements

We really want to adopt Pega 7 Express to grow adoption of Pega and to accelerate our DCO efforts. The following enhancements would be great additions:

  1. The ability to setup "test" user accounts. Sometimes when creating an application I want to demonstrate a multi-user scenario (like a TestUser who enters a service request, a TestAgent who receives the request, a TestManager who approves the request). To accomplish this in today's solution I login as myself and switch portals or create a bunch of dummy users by creating some bogus GMAIL email accounts and inviting them to my application). It would be great if I could define test users for my application (as we do in regular development projects)
  2. When creating a new Pega 7 Express application, the new application has by default a "Author", "Manger" and "User" access group...why doesn't the author have the "Developer" portal by default? It would be great if we could choose to add the developer portal to the author access group when defining the application.
  3. When importing records into a data type, the only file type is CSV. I can guarantee almost everyone creates their sample data in Excel. PLEASE allow for Excel imports (I have spent way to much time palying around with column data formats to get Pega 7 Express to import my data records)
  4. It would be great if the form editor gave me more options to arrange fields on the form. I.e., the form either shows all teh fields as a single column, or as a table. If I am gathering a lot of data from the user, I would rather be able to arrange fields within the section.
  5. The application icon is really distorted- I have no idea what teh icon standards are, but we have a corporate logo that we would like to render at appropriate dimensions- can you make this more flexible?
  6. Case Data Load- this may be a stretch but I would love to setup my case in Pega 7 Express and then have some way to create a spreadsheet upload that would allow me to "seed" the environment with a bunch of cases. This would allow me to quickly showcase the portal/metrics capabilities.
  7. This is tricky to explain but seems like a bug: I created a data type "ActivityLevel" and also created a case step called 'Enter Activity Level' (the case step was of type Collect Data). I added the "ActivityLevel" to the form for the case step. However it appears to have defaulted to "Data Reference". When I run the form I cannot enter data...so I try to go back and edit the data type on the case form but the picklist for the data type is disabled. I tried removing the data form the form and re-adding it but it seems to now be stuck as a "Data Reference". This seems to be a bug.

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