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Using Geofences and Google Maps within the marketing Portal


1. Using the Google Widget:  What is the main purpose for Google Maps?  Is there a way to associate a customer's address to Google Maps so the location of the customer is shown on the map?

Here is an example situation I am curious about.

1.  A Health Care Insurance provider wants to offer some of their members a reduced fee membership to a local fitness facility.

2. During the offer presentation, the customer will accept the offer, but wants to know of other facilities within x mile radius of her home.

Is it possible to have the customers home displayed on the map in addition to gym facilities (with addresses) displayed so the agent can determine the facility closest to member's home?

Would the member address need to be entered manually or can the system reference member info from a table, etc and place the location pin?

The scenario would have the member making an inbound call to the call center with some intent.  The offer would be presented during this call.

Is anything written here possible? 

Appreciate your time.


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