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Posted: June 13, 2020
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Validating branch merge submitter

As part of pre-merge validations, we need to validate the branch submitter to make sure of below ones:

  1. Submitter has all the required privileges.
  2. Submitter is not a test operator or some generic operator.

Pega provides an extension point in the pre-merge process to accommodate above validations. Below are the steps to hook our custom validations in the merge process:

  1. Save a copy of the standard “pyValidateMergeOptions” to a RuleSet available to your application.
  2. Add the steps you want the system to perform to that copy.

Below example would explain a simple scenario where we maintain a list of operator ID’s and verify if the branch submitter operator ID is in the list before each merge.


  1. Save a copy of “pyValidateMergeOptions” to a RuleSet available to your application.
  2. Create a Decision table to store a list of operators as below:


              3. Validate the operator ID in the saved copy of “pyValidateMergeOptions” and set a error message on primary page.




This would stop the merge in the wizard showing the error message if the user is not authorized.



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