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Posted: March 7, 2016
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Validation question

On Slide 4 of the "Client Side Validation" lesson in section 8, there is the following:



An edit validate rule in itself belongs to server side validation, a topic we will cover in the next lesson. But, many standard edit validate rules are emulated by an equivalent JavaScript function that can be run on the client side.

By default, the client-side format validation is enabled on all forms, so the fields using edit validate rules are validated before the form gets submitted.


First of all, does this mean that a Edit Validate rule can be run client-side? Or just that for most standard edit validate rules the logic can be implemented using other client-side controls?

If so, is there anything we need to do to get an Edit Validate rule to check for an equivalent client side version, or is that embedded in the Edit Validate rule itself?


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