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Ryan Feeney (feenr)
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Posted: November 1, 2019
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What can I do with the Deployment Manager REST API?

Deployment Manager provides a REST API to help automate common actions and integrate with other systems. These actions include:

  • Create pipelines
  • View pipelines
  • Create merge requests
  • View merge requests
  • Start deployments
  • View deployments
  • Abort deployments
  • Approve manual requests

In Deployment Manager 4.5 and later API documentation is included in the archive downloaded from the Pega Marketplace. You can view the Documentation/readme-for-swagger.md file for more information on using the API.

We have plans to expose all deployment manager data and actions via APIs in a future release.

Tips for using the service APIs

  • When creating pipelines using the POST /pipelines/ endpoint, it's helpful to copy an existing pipeline fetched from the GET /pipelines/{id} endpoint and making any necessary changes to the response JSON. Until pipeline templates are officially supported, this is a good way to get similar functionality.

This is a frequently asked question about Deployment Manager. Find more answers here.

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