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What is the correct way to make changes to non-rule-resolved rules and data?

Updating data and NRR instances

At this point, NRR rules cannot be updated in branches. They need to be updated directly on the Dev (or remote dev) system). This will mean temporarily unlocking rulesets as needed and then re-locking, consistent with the versioning practices and development workflow

Introducing new data and NRR instances

All NRR instances can be introduced in branches and have their ruleset updated accordingly upon being merged. When it comes to data instances, only Dynamic System Settings and Database Table rule types support this behavior by default.

In order to merge data instances of other classes, you need to overrid the rule Embed-PegaAccel-Refactor-Instances-Merge!pyPopulateDataInstances. Notice the comment: “Add your custom Data- classes here. Use pxAppendDynamicSystemSettings as a template”.

For use with deployment manager, you will also need to make sure your custom merge override is added to the production ruleset of the PegaDevOpsFoundation access group.

This is a frequently asked question about Deployment Manager. Find more answers here.

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