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Posted: December 6, 2017
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What's New in the Product Support Community: December 2017 Issue

Every month we work hard to find enhancements that will make your time on the Product Support Community (PSC) more productive. And this past month is no exception. Over time we release more and more features here in the PSC and today I’m going to talk to you about our newest ones! So grab a coffee or a tea and take a minute to read all about what’s new!

Tagging Other Users

This one I am so excited about! Now you can tag a user in a post or in a reply! All you have to do is type the @ symbol and then start typing their PDN nickname. At the bottom of your message block, you will see a list of users to select.

Simply click the one you want and they’ll be inserted right into your message.

Once you save your post or reply, the system will send an email notification to that user alerting them that they’ve been mentioned!

Can Now X Out of Media Browser

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly wanting to upload photos to your posts. However, I found that when using the Chrome browser that I couldn’t cancel out of the Upload overlay. I had to use the back arrow to leave this screen. Which didn’t give me a great user experience as it caused me to lose my place and what I was working on in a post. But not to fear as now you can X out of the Media Browser window in all browsers*!

*Chrome, Safari, Firefox were tested

User May Delete Their Post

Sometimes you write a post and then you decide that you didn’t want to or mean to write it. In the past, you would then message us Moderators and we would take care of it. On the rare occasion, some would go in and edit their post to remove the content and replace it with, well gobblygook. Now that you can delete your own post, you won’t have to do that anymore! We do have some stipulations with deleting. You can only delete if you do not have a reply from someone else. If you’d like to close your post to future commenting, please email the Moderators. Please read our Product Support Community FAQs to learn how to delete your post.

See How Many Views a Post Has

In the past, the only way that we could see how many views a post had was to use an external system. But now, everyone has access to this information! At the bottom of every post, you can see X views. This tells you how many times this window has been viewed. This is a great way to see how valuable your post is or if others are checking it out to help you!

My Replies Feature on Profile

When viewing your profile, you may have noticed that when looking at the My Replies section that you were unable to go to page 2 of your replies. That has been fixed and now you can scroll to view all of your replies.

Are there any new features you’d like to see? Is something not functioning as you thought it would? Let us know! We want to make the PSC the best place for you to not only ask questions and receive help, but to help others!

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